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UPDATE -- January 2022

This update is an effort to accommodate all the wonderful people requesting a day to help out at the farm here.
We have a one day a month work with me opportunity
Please submit an interest email/application for us to consider it and hopefully be able to schedule a day in the near future.
Your anticipated participation is GREATLY appriciated.

If you care to make a donation to the new community farm work with me project here at the farm click here.

Work With Me

Mentor me Monday - Tutor me Tuesday -Work with me Wednesday
Teach me Thursday – BeeFriend me Friday
- - -
We can pick any day that works for you

I have enjoyed the participation of fellow honey bee supporters, beekeepers and beekeepers to bee.
This program came in to existence through the natural progression of people wanting to learn about bees AND my desire to teach people what I know about bees. 

If you are interested in spending a morning working with me   7am-10am   (starting no later than 8am) let me know!
We will work around the place. A typical morning is handling, cleaning organizing equipment then checking on the progress of several beehives.  We will put on bee suits or jackets and open the lids, pull out the frames, see what a bee farmer looks for and learn how to care for the bees.  Some mornings might include creating a have split, doing a mini harvest, or managing hive space.    If the morning isn’t enough to get your Bee Mojo spinning, we can schedule additional mornings from there.

Right now I expect my schedule to allow 2, maybe 3, mornings a week through the end of May 2018.
There will be no work with me days June, July, and August 2018.

What else can you expect or accomplish:  We will have time to answer questions and sharing experiences while we work.  I am interested in your experiences as much as you might be interested in mine.  You can also purchase honey and equipment while you are here.  The equipment purchases are like a garage sale format right now; selections from some new, some used; some dirty, some clean, but a fair deal for all.  Interested in purchasing a bee hive or a NUC.  We will sell and you can buy them on a user selection basis, much like a Christmas tree farm.  Pick one out and give it a new home. 

To schedule a work with me morning please email me. You can use the button below.
(if you can, include a social media link of yourself to help us get introduced)


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